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Meet Amy !! The first of a new collection inspired by my gorgeous brand Reps.

As the name says meet Amy - aka @wearthedamndress

Gorgeous bright pink Leather paired with a glam bronze leather, a colour palette for me that showcases what a bright bubbly down to earth woman who loves to dress for confidence Amy is.

We all need that person, you know who I mean. The person that makes us feel inspired that is relatable to our own life and who makes us want to be a bit more glamourous.

Long before Amy became one of my brand Reps she was someone I followed on Instagram, a customer who's insta feed would become one of my all time favourites!

She wasn't selling products, more sharing a very relatable journey of body confidence underscored with the message why wait till we are the idea of a perfect size ( which never happens by the way) but rather wear the damm dress and enjoy life.

So meet Amy, earrings that are inspired by someone I admire and earrings I hope give you the confidence to shine bright in your own skin.