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Inspired by the Babinda Boulders ( The Boulders) in Cairns - a place of significance for the  First Nations people of the area. .

The creation story of how The Boulders came to be tells of a girl named Ooolana from the Yidinji people. She is thought to have married an elder from her tribe name Waroonoo, but soon after they got together a handsome young member of another tribe who had moved to the area caught her eye.

He was known as Dyga and they fell in love quickly. They soon realised the error of their ways and they fled their respective tribes and ran into the valleys. They were eventually found, but Oolana managed to break free before throwing herself into the unmoving waters that surround the Babinda Boulders. She hit the water crying out for her love, Dyga, which shook the water into action. The land vibrated around her, sending boulders flying into the creek and causing the water to plunge forward at alarming rates. This is the story behind how the Babinda Boulders came to be and, if you listen closely, it’s thought you can still hear Oolana’s cries for her lost lover. 


These pieces have been created to honour and respect the storytelling and cultural knowledge of First Nations People's and should be worn with respect. I want for the wearer to start a journey of thier own personal knowledge seeking of culture and history on the lands they live and work.


Pieces made from Blue Gum wood and a translucent green acrylic. All findings are stainless steel.